When you need to safely house and protect switching and other sensitive equipment Dynamic Modular Constructions has you covered.

Depending on the scope of the equipment to be installed, switch room construction features may include extra floor, ceiling and wall reinforcement, increased ventiliation or wider doors for maintenance access.

Dynamic Modular Constructions can work with you by allowing associated trades to perform works required before the building is transported.

The design and manufacture of our relocatable swich rooms allows you to choose to have a complete unit delivered on site; or you can choose to have separated modules delivered to your site.

By dealing with Dynamic Modular Constructions your switch room will be regulation and code compliant.

Switch room applications include:

  • Low voltage site main switchboards
  • Low voltage main or distribution switchboards
  • Motor control centres

Switchrooms - Showcase

Switchrooms - Examples

For inspiration, here are some examples of Switchrooms products and projects that Dynamic Modular Constructions offer. For more information contact us.

Protect your Investment with a Switch Room

Companies requiring switch rooms can rely on Dynamic Modular Constructions to design and build a strong, high quality building to house your most important technical equipment. ..

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More Switchrooms - Examples

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